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Contract Table Tops – Restaurant Birmingham and Manchester Commercial Furniture

Opening a new venue or just simply looking to replace  your existing table tops, Connect Contract Furniture offers a wide range of commercial table tops for use in restaurants, bars, cafes, coffee shops, golf clubs and other commercial venues.

All the below table tops (apart from Werzalit ) are manufactured in the UK and are available in a  range of shapes (square, round, rectangular) sizes and finishes.

Choosing the right commercial  table top is important in making sure you not only contribute to the look and feel but your choice offers practicality for your venue.

We’ve put together a summary of our most commonly used contract table tops – for addional advise including sizes and available finishes call our sales team on  03301 137899 or send a message via our Contact Form.

Restaurant Table Tops – Bespoke Design and Stock Furniture

Every one of our restuarent and cafe furniture products available on our website is either a stock item or a made to order bespoke design allowing you to choose exactly the right piece of furniture for your café, hotel or restaurant. We pride ourselves on outstanding personal customer service we’re here to help you and ensure you order exactly the products you need at our best price.

Birmingham and Manchester Laminate Table Tops

Due to their cost effectiveness, durability, easy maintenance and flexibility laminate table tops remain a firm favourite and are widely used in restaurants, bars, cafes, coffee shops, golf clubs and other commercial venues in the Birmingham and Manchester areas.

Constructed from an MDF Core with 2mm laminate sheet applied, laminate tops are resilient to scratching, heat resistant to 180° F, and come in a wide selection of finishes including wood, marble, granite, concrete and metal effect to solid block colours.

The standard thickness of laminate tops  is 25mm , however they are also available in 40mm or 50mm built down option (this is where instead of being the same thickness all the way through the edges are built down to create thicker look but keep cost down.) 40mm & 50mm built down options are generally used to create a more high end look for modern and swish interior designs.

Some manufacturers self edge the tops but as table top edges are prone to knocks and bangs, this can result in them peeling and chipping. In order to avoid this, Connect Contract Furniture uses high impact edging which is actually made from a shock absorbent plastic. Our high impact edging is available in finishes to match your chosen laminate or alternative finishes such as metal effect or block colours creating a different look.

Contract Furniture Commercial Superior Quality

For clients looking for a fast turnaround we offer a choice of chairs, stools, complete tables, commercial table bases and contract table tops from UK Stock as well as offering a bespoke design service for all restaurant outdoor chairs, we have a wide range contract table tops, and offer bespoke designs for upholstered commercial soft furnishings and and end to end ordering service for banquette seating.

Contract Wooden Table Tops for Restaurants and Cafes

Although wooden table tops are less resilient to heat and scratching than laminate tops and come at a slightly higher budget, wooden table tops are still a popular option for use in restaurants, pubs and coffee shops for those wanting to create a natural or rustic warm inviting atmosphere.

Generally made form FSC solid ash or oak, our wooden table tops are available  in various thickness of 25mm, 34mm and 40mm and can be stained to a wide selection of colour stains before applying a top lacquer to smooth and give an even layer and provide  protection from heat and stains.

Although wooden table tops come at a higher budget they are well worth the investment over time and come with a an endless range of finishes including plank effect, distressed, aged, limewash, worn and paint splash effect.

Over time should the finish on your wooden tops deteriorate then there is the option to sand them back to the raw wood and re-stain and lacquer them bringing them back to new again.

Wood Veener Commercial Restaurant MDF Table Tops

Wood veneer table tops can be for those wanting the look of a wooden table top at a more cost effective solution and are used in a wide selection of commercial environments including restaurants, bars, coffee shops and golf clubs.

Constructed from an MDF Core with a thin layer of real wood ash veneer bonded to the surface,the wood veneer is then stained to chosen colour and finished by applying the same contract standard lacquer as wooden table tops. In theory due to the hardwearing lacquer used veneer table tops should be as hard wearing as solid wooden tops. However unlike solid wooden table tops should the finish start to deteriorate over time it is not possible to sand them back to the raw wood due to the thickness of the veneer used.

Wood veneer can be laid be laid straight to give the appearance of a standard wooden top or it can also be laid at angles creating a range of different shapes.

Marble Table Tops Bullnose, Chamfered and Dupont Edges

Marble Contract Table Tops Commercial Table Tops Du Pont Chamfered Bullnose Contract Furniture UK Birmingham Manchester Restaurant CafesMarble table tops have been around for centuries and portrayed as a premium range often found in high end hotels, restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

Generally manufactured in 20mm thickness marble table tops can be cut to a range of sizes and come with a wide option of finished edges including straight, bullnose chamfered and DuPont. They require a wooden plate bonded to the underside to allow them to be attached to table bases as you can not drill straight into the marble.

It is worth remembering that whilst marble table tops can be extremely robust they are quite heavy so makes moving your tables around more difficult, something to take into consideration if you often reconfigure your tables to accommodate different size parties.    

Marble surfaces will also etch from  acids found in food such as wine and vinegars, also being a porous material liquid and food spills can cause staining to the table tops.

Werzalit Table Tops Manchester and Birmingham Restaurant and Cafes

Werzalit Commercial Table Tops Du Pont Chamfered Bullnose Contract Furniture UK Birmingham Manchester Restaurant CafesWerzalit table tops are similar to the look of laminate table tops and due to their diverse range of design finishes from wood effect, to bold patterns and block colour are often used in cafes, coffee shops, garden centres and canteens.

Extremely durable being virtually scratch resistant and heat resistant Werzalit table tops are also weatherproof and UV resistant making them versatile and suitable for outdoor use too.

Constructed from a wood and resins core moulded into various shapes with a melamine wrap, Wezalit tops each top is moulded as one piece so there are no edges to peel or let water in. One thing to remember with these tops is that due to their bevelled edges they are not really designed for pushing together to make larger tables as they will not sit flush side by side.

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